Reviews Matter!

Hello everyone! I know that I and countless other authors have said this on more than one occasion, but I really can't stress this point enough... Reviews matter! Truly, they do. Especially to indie authors who rely upon word-of-mouth marketing. Seriously, without the funding and connections of an agent or publishing house, indie authors, like... Continue Reading →

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Author Interview!

Hello everyone! ❤ I'm just dropping you all a quick line to encourage you to check out the interview I did over at the Clan-Witch blog right here on WordPress! It'll be your quick, little sneak peek into my mind. Could be fun...right? 😉 If nothing else, it will be a nice way to distract yourself... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone! ❤ I thought it would be nice to let you all know that progress continues to be slowly made on Dragon Guardian: Earth, the fourth and final book in my Primordyan Chronicles. So, after months of battling writer's block (resulting from my own anxiety and crippling self-doubt), I decided to shake things up a bit.... Continue Reading →

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